Paradise Found

Street Art by David Walker  London, England
Street Art by David Walker
London, England

Once there was joy

Enraptured in life

Rejoiced in the darkness

A paradise found

Where all things were possible

And are

To be what you wish

Dream it, it’s true

Build a world where

Everything is shiny and new

Or the world of old

Where warriors roamed

Protecting fair maidens

From terrors unknown

A land of the lost

With Giants and Gods

Monsters walking the Earth

Roaring their dominance

Over all


Perhaps our own world

Where droplets of inspiration

Fall from the fingertips

Of one just awakened

A mind that lay dormant

Lost in it’s thoughts

Jolted alive, brought to with a shock

The little things are what matter most

The love of a friend

The taste of Spring

The smile that touches

The lips of a lover

The scent of the rain

The first floral blooms

The sight of the stars

Or just the full moon


Paradise found

It was there all along

Just open your eyes

Open your heart

See the small things

Know what they are

Nuggets of gold

Worlds on a string

All that we are

All we can be

Living embodiments

Of Inspired moments


Melanie McCurdie


2 thoughts on “Paradise Found

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  1. This was beautiful! My Paradise, I have hope it is still out there, just beyond my reach!! Bravo sis! ❤ Xoxoxo

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