Love in 500 Words

Parable Visions - Love Song
Parable Visions – Love Song

What Love Is To Me:

Love is never having to use a mirror to fix your hair or tone down your racoon eyes after a long day, because you are beautiful in someone’s eyes just exactly as you are.

Love is seeing the Darkness in another, choosing to pull it closer, rather than douse it in conventionality.

Love is hearing “I love you” and know that its truth.

Love is a warm Embrace, after having been in the cold for so long; it envelopes you in passion and burns as a bonfire deep within your chest.

Love is never feeling self conscious in another’s gaze; It reflects back to you all that you are, and all that you should Believe you are.

Love is having a place to run to, when you are alone in the dark, a Shelter from the world.

Love is the sparkle in his eyes when you enter a room, the sound of his laughter, the touch of his hand, the way he makes you Feel that you are the only woman in the world.


Love is the Light in your children’s eyes, that glow of happiness, and knowing that you’ve succeeded.

Love is laughing til your sides ache, watching a sunset, hearing your child speak some impossible thought, and being Proud.

Love is Communication, words, actions, gestures, knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of you.

Love is a Sister or a Brother, a hand to hold, a voice of reason when your mind screams for blood, a bad influence in the best of ways.

Love is a Best Friend, who laughs at your stupid jokes, who can make you cry so that you can laugh, someone who offers up a shovel and an Alibi, should you need it.

Love is knowing that no matter how many times you FUCK IT UP, that there is someone who loves you in spite of it, who knows you are beating yourself, and stills your fist.


Love is Connection, invisible strings, ties that bind, pick your cliché; Love is Mental, not physical.

Love is what you hold dear, Memories, a song, a fragrance, a touch, a phrase.

Love is Loneliness.

Love is wanting to feel Confident, and Doubting yourself every moment.

Love is fulfilling, fills you with Oxygen and lifts you higher than you could rise on your own.

Love is turns For Me, into For Us, no longer Mine, but Ours, shared, compromise, equals.

Love is Lessons, and there are plenty; you win, you lose, you learn.

Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall

Love is Trust.

Love is Respect.

Love is knowing that the one you open yourself to, that you show the secrets hidden in your heart to, will Guard them as you do

Love is knowing you never have to say “I’m Sorry” for how you feel, and saying it anyway.

Love is family, and Family. Those you are born to, and those you choose.

Love is the little things, small wonders, tiny miracles.

What is love? Love, to me, is Everything.

Death Maiden


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