Is it divine intervention?

Observing the house of cards

Its intricacies and design

A steady hand is required

To craft such a wonder

To create a fragile thing of beauty

It implodes, its walls crumbling

Was it the wind?

That blew it down

Or did a butterfly flap its wings


Such is the way of life and love

We build it, from its foundations

Nurture and feed it

Let it grow, flourish

Time is a cruel mistress

You spend it, filling the cup

So that it runneth over

Into our palms

Working and kneading it  to shape

Our own realities, requirements

Planting a garden of sweet-smelling roses

Only to have it die, blighted


Such is the way

We rebuild, reconstruct

New patterns, new levels

In our hearts hoping against hope

That Devine Intervention is not intent

On dividing and conquering

Instead embracing and treasuring


Was it the wind?


Death Maiden


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