Love is such a mundane word You might was well say The sky is dark And leave out the lush velvet Sparking with diamonds Their sparkle the reflection From your eyes   How could I say Love Should it fall from my lips? As the gentle waters flow Constant and true As the song of … Continue reading Musings


Introducing The Seven Deadly Sinners

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am First Governess of Rivers of Grue, Death of The Four Horsemen, Member of the Court of Madness, and Death Maiden. My Sisters, Vanity, Avarice, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy and Lust, have each a talent in their own right and now are part of this esteemed grouping. Enter here, … Continue reading Introducing The Seven Deadly Sinners

Confession of Jennie-May Anderson

Please Read Consortium of Fear-Second Entry--THE BIRD SANCTUARY Read the Consortium of Fear - Third Entry - Family Ties by Shelly Philemon I don't know what time it is. Its dark out. The barred windows allow just enough light through to show that dawn is dressing herself up to make an entrance. This makes 3 … Continue reading Confession of Jennie-May Anderson