Clean Slate

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Matteo Pugliese
Matteo Pugliese

There are times
When you wonder
What the Hell you did
To deserve this
Particular torture
What heinous crime had
You committed in
A former life
That you must live
Through this

How will you live through it?


It’s simple.
There is no other way
Goddess Smiles upon us
In Her way imparting
Not hardships
But Lessons, so that
We may understand
And evolve, become more


To evolve is to grow
And we grow from Love
From Lessons, in time
Where we may have seen
Falsity and Lies
We now see an open door
Open arms, a shelter
From the storm
Be it thunderous winds
Outside your window
Or raging inside


Tomorrow is a new Slay
A new day
A clean slate upon which
You scribe, carve, your name
Be it in beautiful watercolours
Or in the lovely crimson lifewater
Where we truly live
The place where your blood
Sings your truth to anyone
With ears to listen, to hear


Sing me a song of
Bloodlust and Kinship
A sonnet of glistening rubies
Of the knifes edge, ah l’amour
A Darkest tale of Intrigue
And romance, for they lovers


A ballad of soaring delight
Should you prefer
A firm handhold in the Light
A deeper understanding
For those who lurk in the shadows
How illumination is not painful
It casts shadows from its face
Offers shelter in its embrace
One in the same


A well kept secret from those
Who are so blinded by the Light
The cannot see that they
Reside in a darker Light
That they are dusk, twilight
Tis Heartwrenching to hear them laugh and speak truth
And deny their natures
These sinners, these disbelievers


Teach us, whether
Darkness or light
Leave the front door
Unlocked to your mind palace
Allow us to slither and slink
Tasting the sublime honey
That has gathered in the crevices
Flavoured in the claret of fear


Let us Journey down
That forgotten hallway, it’s floor
Littered in debris of the ages
It’s walls painted with the mind pictures
Of a raving lunatic, leavings red as wine

And begin again

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  1. Beautiful!!! Just nicely done and this perfect piece of prose is my new favorite!! Muahhh! 🙂

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