Iniquitous Syrup

This is where he died

Right here

Where I stand

Where his soul screams

For release from his bonds

Where he will never leave

From where does this Knowledge come:

From my hand

I killed him

But that’s not all I did.

Hosoe Eikoh
Hosoe Eikoh

I feel him still

Warm against me skin to skin

Mind to Mind

He thought it was Mind to Mind

As though he could touch it

As though he’d survive such a deep and dark

Sojourn into the pernicious depths of

Darkness I possess


He rattled the door

Said he could see it

Feel it, with his hands

With his tongue

Tasting what lay beyond Its outward face

Residual seepings of iniquitous syrup


I laughed, genuine

Cruelly in his face

And told him

That is the Light desperate to escape

That it would lower itself to crawling

Like some slithering beast left

Bleeding from the lacerations

The bites, the claws

The mind fucking voracious

Constant Midnight

That I possess


He held me closer

Kissing me as though he were ingesting my soul

Hard against me

He was a demon

Dressed in flesh

Masquerading as a man

His soul was owned

By a lesser Darkness

Taught to bite and stab

Over and over with his

Built in Weapon  


         I let him

Arched my back to

Allow him entry into

My Malignant funhouse

There is no egress here

Only the essence sucking miscreant within, monster

Trapping him in the age old

Desires that they are Powerless to resist


I drank him in, devoured

With my teeth, claws, eyes

Tasting passion in his evilness

Necessary roughness

Sliding deeper into the blackness

The Seeds of Humanity

Filling my every cell

As I tore out his throat

Bathing my face in his warm Salted essence, imbibing


He lies here

In the Box I placed him in

Gone, but not

His soul trapped by my will

As is his Seed


© MelanieMcCurdie2013






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