Illusion Delusion


Theres a humming in my ear
In my head, low pitched

It makes my skull buzz
Eyes rattle and shudder
Someone’s lurking
Someones peeking
Crept past defenses laid out
Cerebral duct tape failed
to capture this intruder in my head
Sirens didn’t sound
Wires were tripped, I felt it
As each one sprung

I’ll find you, sneaky creature
My mind is not as large
As it appears
It’s all an Illusion, Delusion
Nothing is what it seems
Funhouse mirrors refraction
Prismatic reflections
dark_governess_rivers_of_grueI see you Creature
Cowering in the Lightest corner
I see the Light searing your flesh
Tiny tendrils of smoke drift on the air
All is not Darkness here

I bottle Light, store it up
For days when the Abyss is close
Growling its good humour as my own fled
It’s effects though small dosed
Keep my Monsters at bay


My heart craves the Dark
The total absence of Light
Where I can hide, in the shadows
Watch as life plays out its
cruel comedies, its happy scenes
Somehow apart

Come, Creature, step free of the light
Let me inspire you to Slay, to Love
To Kill a thousand times
and smile as our world swirls around you
embracing your mind, licking deep
Coaxing and leading you
To step into the Lighter Dark
Feel the sun and breathe
With no fear of fading away

Death Maiden


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