Sacred and Profane

Recommended Musical Accompaniment
Evanescence – Sweet Sacrifice

A collision of dark and light. Please give me your feedback id like to please my family of FJ Tell me if i should post more?.. .

There is no Light
Without the Darkness
One cannot exist without the other

Those born into the Light are born blind
They cannot see the pulchritude
of the shadows that lurk on the edges
The importance of symmetry
Whether we deny or embrace
it matters not, we are one in the same


I am one those serripetous shadows
The ones that bleed into your mind
Taking the Love you hold to your breast
Holding it captive as I paint it darker
A deeper red, pulsating crimson

I am the doubt that lives as you write
The ones that complicate your mind
Distorting the vision in behind your eyes
I can’t help myself, Darkness is what it is


I am the Thunder to your Rainbows
The lightening strike that cuts
Your feelings to the bone, flayed
Bear witness to the slices to the soul

I am sorry for the Darkness
Envious of the LIght
Covetous and ill at ease
With the ease of occilation
Between the Sun and the Night


A Darker Love
Thunder and Rainbows
Sun and the Night
Doubt and Confidence
Darkness and Light

Sacred and Profane

Death Maiden


3 thoughts on “Sacred and Profane

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  1. Dark and broken but I see light and love in these words also. Just exquisite!! As always wonderful Mel!! Xoxoxo

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