dark_governessCome Dear Ones
A Story to touch you
Settle for a spell


She found it today
A heart shaped box
Deep in the darkest corner
Of the basement

It was faded and dusty
Once a vibrant red
Now a damaged and muted pink
It rattled in her hands
A cringe of fear after so
Many years untouched
She felt its cry in her fingertips.

She’d forgotten about it
That she had one at all
A heart. She let it go
Buried it in walls of memory


It eventually stopped hurting her
Stopped clawing and biting for release
Its screams and sobbing eventuallly voiceless
And she exhiled it, into the abyss

That twinge was back, that hurt
And she wept, in silence
Her hearts voice long dead from
Disuse and neglect.
Memories burned in her

She begged him to take it
Offered it in this box,
Envoloped in crimson silk
Topped with a bow of blackest night
She stood strong and in delight
Her love a blooming flower in her chest


How innocent she’d been, how trusting
She learned.
He smiled in her eyes and
Dripped acid into them from his tongue
Blinding her to everything but those words

That was the day she became this new Thing
The Creature, who wears a mask of humanity
Beneath it, lies her true face
Cold and emotionless
Knowing only darkness
Knowing nothing of human ways

But she found the box


Death Maiden


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