Why say I love you.
It’s so mundane
Words are meant to move
You, in all ways

I hand you my heart
Broken and glued
Scarred with life’s travels
Incomplete, until I found you


Why say I’m sad
It sounds as an untruth
Sadness is profound
Not so plain

I am filled with the screams
Of a thousand lost souls
I cry not tears
But my heart weeps from my eyes


Why say you are happy
It’s a generic term
Happy is so much more
Than that

My soul soars as an eagle
The sun shining bright
My cup runneth over
With delight


Why say you are mad.
It does not do justice
To the boiling fury
That burns inside

The rage that leaks
From the cracks of my
Black heart is venomous
Enough to eat your flesh
And melt your bones
Why say you are lonely
Though it may be true
To be lost in plain sight
A fading vision

Alone in a crowd
A ghost in my world
I’d reach out my hand
But who’s there to see
Why say you hurt?
What does that mean?
It’s a small word used
To deaden the pain

Huddled and naked
Scream in my throat
Cut with many knives
With no voice to bleed


Why say you are afraid?
Sure you have fear
But does it describe
What you really feel?

I cannot breathe
I can only scream
From my eyes
And rend the air with my terror


Eloquence lends its essence
To us all, a hand to hold
Upon our Journeys

Gifts us the words
To move those around us
To romance the words

Make them dance
Touch the soul of another
The embrace of the eyes

Edges that flay your flesh
Shredding your heart
Or lifting your soul

To inspire and respire
A Muse on your shoulder
Eloquence, She provides


Death Maiden



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4 thoughts on “Eloquence

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  1. Eloquence lies within all. A journey to take over time with many lessons learned.
    Beautiful piece!!
    BRAVO Kindred

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