The Forgotten War: Verse II

Death Maiden – The Forgotten War – Verse II

Rivers of Grue

death_maiden_rivers_of_grue (6)Read Death Maiden
Read Blood Moon
Read The Summoning
Read Kindred Killer
Read Mortality
Read Forgotten War: Verse I

“My place of rest calls to me, its story of slumber drawing me forth as the first lightening of the night begins, the shadows slightly less dense and seeming to reach towards my guides. The youth is aware of our watchers, and will now have warned his compatriots, leaving me free to gather Scythe to my heart and settle into my darkness like a well-loved blanket”

I awaken at the darkening of the day, the glowing ball in the sky slinking back to the sky like a sly charlatan. The shadows are pooling around the trees bases, as though they bleed spirits from below. From where I lay, I observe my guides, the two deceptive ones just stirring from the hard beds they’d made out of their long clothes coverings and…

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