Look in the mirror
What do you see?
Nothing much just
A reflection of me
Thought I might see
Through another’s eyes
What is different
Nothing it seems

Learning to share
Learning to open
Learning to care
Trying to be everything
Reflection shows true
That spark that was aflame
It’s hidden from view
There it remains


Exposed my heart
Cleaved it apart
Heartsblood my ink
Pried open the box
Revealing the treasure
A blaze in the darkness
Blooming black rose
A happy place, bliss
The only gift I have

True words spoken
Come from the heart
Said with love
But words, they mean little
In the eye of a storm
I trusted my thoughts
Felt safe in my world
Strong in my confidence
I learned well


Speak no more
No morsels of truth
No shards of my soul
Niceties stay true
My love and my heart
They remain the same
All that changes
The tiniest thing
Is simply this
The reflection of Me

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