Love Falls


When Love falls before you
Heart bloodied and embattled
Hands held up in supplication
Wings once glorious
Tattered and torn

Would you gather it to your breast
Envelop and immerse it
Gently caressing it’s soul
With words soft as a kiss


Would you whisper “stay”
Should it struggle to leave
Out of injurious fear
If it cried please let me go

Should it bite
Would you hold it
Tighter against your own heart
Let it scream rage in tears


Would you turn it away
Held at arms length, would you resist
Would you laugh at it’s it’s need, disgusted
Desire unfulfilled

Would you accept it to you
A gift in plain sight
A Treasure to cherish
Given of free will

What will you do
When Love falls before you

Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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9 thoughts on “Love Falls

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  1. Love this. My answer would be yes!! I could never give up on love if it is before me, on it’s knees! I could be wrong but just a touch of love is better than none at all? Right? *sigh* Beautifully written!! Xo

  2. Greatest gift of all is finding love even when it has been bruised and battered in the past with new love it heals

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