Secret Keeper

I’m that thing.
You know, the one
In your closet?
The one whose red eyes
Glow thunder and hunger
From the half open door.
Under your bed?
The one you think
Will grab your ankle
In the night?

I’m always here you know
Even in the day
Nestled in the darkness beneath
Where you slumber
Laying amongst the forgotten memories
That fell dormant once gone from your sight
An insight into your waking mind lies before me
Discarded bits of what you were and
Something more, something unsettling.


You walk in your dreams
Dreaming you are awake
The expression of horror
Sated desire that lies as a mask
Against your face when you return
From where you wander
Disturbing and delightful
Hiding your Treasure beneath
Where you slumber

Then the nightmares begin
Beguin vanishes against the denial
The mumblings of a madman
Of the bleeding walls
The slaughter you “dream”
Helpless to stay the memories
Obsessed to slay the memories
You wake screaming
Holding your hands to your mouth
In terror, choking it back
And knowing
You know
It’s all real

Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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5 thoughts on “Secret Keeper

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  1. You scare me . In a most de’frightful’ way. Your musings bring to mind the works of E.A. Poe, John Saul, Guillermo del Toro / C. Hogan.

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