We are Gods
In Our own rights
Do We not create worlds?
Tiny planets built
With Our words?

They are what We
Want them to be
Limited only by what
We limit Ourselves to
Limited by Our own Imaginations
By how We see Ourselves

We can be anything

From a Creature that
Stalks the night in
Search of food to feed
The ravaging hunger within

dark_governess_rivers_of _grue

To a gentle butterfly
Wings of iridescent floss
Fluttering in the breath
Of the summer wind
A glimmering beacon of Light

A Queen of a far off land
Where Rivers run crimson
And the sky is pure white
Where Darkness reigns
Holds counsel over all

A scullery maid in a castle
Lost in time, lost in mind
Holds counsel over one
With covetous envy
Only her Heart


We Create Worlds
Where Fear is physical
Rage runs molten
Love flows freely
No wires, no strings
No puppets nor puppeteers
Where a touch is a MindLick away

And Family is all

We Are Gods
In Our own rights
We make Our Choices
The Lessons are Ours

For Us

The Mighty
The Meek
The Lost
The Found

We, Circle of Creatures Strong

Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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