The Last Light

Rivers of Grue

The Last Light


I stood at the window that looked over downtown, affording me a view of the city that I loved. The mist from the waterfront was creeping in over the wharfs and the small, well maintained pathways.  The news was on again, the reporter talking about a new book, “How I survived some monster” sort of tell all, and backstory had been played so much that my brain ached.  It was all anyone talked about for so long, a mass murder in a city not 150 miles from here, some crazed maniac murdering people and stabbing them with mop handles.  Inventive enough I supposed, who thinks of that?  That wasn’t the cause of excitement however, the real fervor was over the survivor.

The Monster she survived is real, and he is still out there somewhere.  Cliché perhaps but apt all the same.  Though it was not usually to…

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