Clean Slate

Suggested Audio Accompaniment There are times When you wonder What the Hell you did To deserve this Particular torture What heinous crime had You committed in A former life That you must live Through this How will you live through it? It's simple. You LIVE There is no other way Goddess Smiles upon us … Continue reading Clean Slate


Death Maiden and Raven – Lessons

Raven was silent upon our return to my dwelling. I suspected she was musing upon our lesson, and this pleased me immensely.  This would mean that she has already begun to understand her power, and the responsibility to use it.  I glance behind me, impatient to return to my home.  Perhaps Rowan would be awaiting … Continue reading Death Maiden and Raven – Lessons

Sacred and Profane

Recommended Musical Accompaniment Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice There is no Light Without the Darkness One cannot exist without the other Those born into the Light are born blind They cannot see the pulchritude of the shadows that lurk on the edges The importance of symmetry Whether we deny or embrace it matters not, we … Continue reading Sacred and Profane


Allow me to introduce my son, Sam Boutin.  He is nearly 12 and is a constant source of pride to me and his father. He also has Asperger's Syndrome, and has struggled with the written word since the first time he grasped a crayon. Years of work has brought us to this place. He  wrote this piece at school. This marks … Continue reading Dragon

Love Falls

When Love falls before you Heart bloodied and embattled Hands held up in supplication Wings once glorious Tattered and torn Would you gather it to your breast Envelop and immerse it Gently caressing it's soul With words soft as a kiss Would you whisper "stay" Should it struggle to leave Out of injurious fear If … Continue reading Love Falls