See the Deaths Head Moths
Take flight, take wing
To settle upon every Shadow
Every small light
Each meager illumination
Feeding the blackness
Touching each Darkness

Their wings flutter the dust
Of spoiled dreams
Of daydreams and desires
Of love, of rage
It boils the blood
Begins the beguin
A kiss that cleaves
Love that twists
The serrated knife
Burst as you bleed


The moths, they feed
And allow us to be fed
Sometimes we starve
So that we may create
Weave a tapestry
Pay wishes
For magic beans
Said to grow affection

Words, a string that binds
Chained to worlds
Beyond the reach of
Our fingertips
Like seeds growing
Between my palms
Once a precious treasure
Once a living breathing jewel
Ours, for us, now for all
Breath of a million volumes


Now open wide my hands
Let fly the essence of my heart
Thousands of miles and wheels
To travel, To feed, to starve
To dream

Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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6 thoughts on “Seeds

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  1. Sometimes we starve so that we may create. Sis I truly love this verse. I live that each and everyday!! This is just wonderful. Awesome work Mel! Luv ya!! Xoxoxo

  2. WOW that was just a beautiful piece of artistic poetry which I also love seeing come from within you!
    Please keep doing these as they flow like fine wine through the soul.
    Much love to you my Kindred, you are true to your art.

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