Little Wonders


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Sometimes a piece of music, a few notes or the symphony in its entirety speaks to you. Touches something deep in side that is forgotten in our everyday lives. I’m a crow when it comes to my musical tastes, from thrash metal to 50’s classics and every genre in between, I listen to what speaks to my heart and my mind, harmonies that dig deep and pull out the emotions that get buried. One song that has fed me for a long time, and evokes the clarity that I sometimes lose, is Little Wonders by Rob Thomas. It inspired me to come from the shadows, to lift my face to the sun, and see my world for what it is. A series of Little Wonders.

As we learn
As our lessons
Define us
We find solace
In the little hours
The small victories
That get lost sometimes
In life and love

The Little Wonders
Small gifts of clarity
Joyful noise in the din
The message is clear
Let it go, let it shine
The negativity means little
In the light of our beloved ones
Regrets get washed away
By the rain of hours
Time falls behind us
In the end, we remember the good
Only how it felt


The heart is where it lives
Kept as tiny treasures
In a golden box
Even the tears are treasures
We learn from them
We learn

All of my regrets
The times lost
All gifts of the universe
Wrapped in a bow
Let the troubles fall behind
Smaller things in the rear-view
The bigger picture is key
That there is a silver lining
There is a brighter side
It shines like a rainbow in the dark
The tiny speck of fairy dust
In the deep of the abyss
The sunrise a sign
That you live another day


That you live to see
There is always tomorrow

Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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7 thoughts on “Little Wonders

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  1. I am both impressed and inspired by you Kindred. Blessed be that you open up your heart and share a little light. Your heart beats with splendid walls. .xo

  2. Just beautiful sister! You are like a rainbow after the storm has passed, inspiration, to know tomorrow is another day! Love you sis and this was truly heart felt and it resonated with me!! *hugs*

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