It pours from the sky
The rain of seconds
Minutes, hours
Like gold dust in
Our outstretched palms
Precious jewels
There is always time
Though not forever
It slips through our fingers
As we desperately grasp
At the ages, to hold close


Intangible time
From the moment we are born
Screaming and bloody
Into cruel lessons of life
Brought forth into coldness
Held in warmth
Happy smiles
Hateful tears
Cut knees and shattered hearts
First love and last loves
We learn, we learn
Learn that time is not fair
Yet is the ultimate
Unbiased Partisan
It hold no sides


Cruel time
It steals our years
The circle of life
Goes on and on
Round and round
Like a demented carousel
Playing an off-key tune
As we grow, older
Ever older
Lessons learned that we
Impart to our own offspring


Carrying with us an enormous
Box of memories
Until we find Death at our sides
Holding out His hand
As we gasp our last breaths
Gratefully moving on to the next
Knowing we lived our lives to the fullest
Scarred and wounded, we leave our
Legacy to the future

Death Maiden


5 thoughts on “Time

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  1. Just beautiful sis! And the truth, time goes so fast and things just slip by until death is calling. Loved it Mel and love you also! Xoxo

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