Emotional Graffiti

I bleed and scream like any other
I speak only words upon the page
The ink from my quill is
My one and only voice
Bold and brash
Snarling desire
Or waxing poetic
Upon my beloved ones

In my physical world
I shake the tree
Rock the boat
Shriek my opinion
Whether wanted or not
Throw open the doors to the burning barn
And ride, RIDE the pale horse ever forward
Preying and slaying injustices against my own.


My words are spray paint
On the blank wall of my life
Scribble and scribe my life
Across the pages of my days
Carve my name with bloody handprints
In joy, in fury, in darkness and light
To terrify or inspire
It matters not

Sometimes I’m the Queen
Usually I’m the Scullery Maid
Happy enough to lurk in the shadows
Unnoticed and unseen
Comfortable for it to be so, it’s right

For the first time in forever
I can bleed the rage from my soul
I can scream the storm inside
The names of my loved ones
My darkness and my blackness
My light
My bliss


I can see the Path
The way is clear
A long canvas in which to
Scrawl and scribble my heart
Wade in the Rivers, dripping crimson
Gone are the days of concealment
Of hiding my heart away
Whether it be Sacred or Profane
I cry its name

Emotional Graffiti
This is mine

Death Maiden



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5 thoughts on “Emotional Graffiti

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  1. Mel, I so love this, your worth is far above rubies!!! You are a Queen, not a sculllery maid! Hahaha! My heart jumps with joy just to read your prose. This is beautiful!!! Love you sismine

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