In League With Santa

Join us on a Christmas Journey with the incomparable C William Giles

In Darkness & Fire

Welcome dark readers to my page, the piece that I post today was written for a Christmas special by the Grue Family (followers & contributors of Rivers of Grue). Individually we were asked to complete a Xmas story for the Keeper of The Quill as a present for him and we had a great response to the invitation. The premise was that we were all out the night before Xmas, a secret Santa had been performed so we each had to get a gift for another member of the family, naturally knowing the individuals involved the story would revolve around horror & darkness yet still have a Xmas theme. Really it was a bit of fun with horror & darkness thrown in to the mix, everyone did a great job on their own parts meaning that in total the piece clocked in at over 80,000 words!! There were short stories…

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