dark_governess_rivers_of_grueDarker night
Blacker shadows
The mists rise from below

Bodies mouldering
In their graves
Final sleep disturbed

Grasp the wings
Hold them tight
Rip them out and throw

What good are wings
When you cannot fly
The air exists for nothing


It laughs as you suffer
Broken and bleeding
Mired in the spoiled dreams

No purpose for it now
Open up and scream
Cry for solace
It falls upon deaf ears

Lay down upon
The devastated land
Nothing grows but sorrow

Seed the ground
Bleed to feed
Fading from starvation

Soon to be one
Of the wandering lost
Invisible to all but the lonely


Once proud and strong
Left broken, alone
Uncaring silence laughs

Call the demons
Steal me away
Let the last vestiges go

Nothing to stay for
Nothing to slay for
Nothing left but regret

Bind me to earth
Chained and alone
Only coldness remains

Death Maiden



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