Train of the Faithless

In the forest of impaled saints

Where the winds scream regret

A mist deepens and throbs

It is here in these malignant shadows

The mask the veil wears

To hide the most nefarious deeds

Parts as a curtain

Exposing the last station

For those that ride the

Endless Train of the Faithless


The Butchers of the Dead

Work to peel the flesh

From the bodies of the Sinners

Carving their rotting skins

Their bones feed the fire

That roars its throaty voice

A yawning maw of Hellfire

As it burns with the Souls of the Lost


The howls of tortured souls

Sound the clarion of arrival

New blood to feed the starving demons

Cavorting and undulating in the flames

Their poisoned nails digging and tearing

As the Sinners scream their last denials

Their blackened  élan vital

Clawing for purchase

One last taste of life untouched

By the Evils they are about to relive

A vastitude of torture

Veil closes



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In Darkness & Fire

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