Vision Iniquitous

Through the shadows

Through the gates

Into the Place where

Spectral flowers bloom

Gristly garden blossoms

Icy tombstones sentinel stand

Their faces speckled with Crimson


Vision iniquitous, the air it ripples

The sight your mind denies

Such hollow sucking fear

Mirror of the mind shatters as it

Stares with dead pool eyes

This malignant monster

Shrieking terror

Bloodcurdling evil

A sordid blistering grin

Burns your will to flee


Observe in horror

Blackened crooked wings unfurl

A maleficent angel

Darkest cupid

Horrid frigid chills

Twisting angry talons

Shred upon your skin

Scratch and claw within your mind

Leaving only a dark empty soul


This deviant beast, Hell’s reject

Taken its fill and fed

Demon wings enclose


Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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