The Forgotten Lines


What were those words?

They seeped into my brain

Slithered round the boxes

Bottles of ideas that

Line the shelves

Knocking them flying

Ideas grow wings and

Fly away


There they go

Playing Can’t Catch Me

Darting just out of reach

Of My Monster

Who Roars with frustration

At such a missed treat


My mind builds a

Better Word Trap

String cerebral duct tape

End to end, hither and yon

Efforts to trap the

Ever elusive Line

Just Gone

Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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3 thoughts on “The Forgotten Lines

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  1. Yes I love this…how I feel so much of the time. I have these words and illusions in my head that come and go…escape is so easy for grand ideas. A million words, lines and phrases have danced around my mind, only to elude me before I can capture them. God I hate that. I try to make them resurface or remember just a notion I had, in hopes to revive…but I usually come up empty and it is lost to me. As quickly as they form, they dissolve into oblivion!!!

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