I see it how you do


Time and time again

I hold back

Wall in what I feel

For fear of reprisals

What if I said that I was


What if I just don’t want

Let you down?

What if I told you I was

Afraid to cry?

It does not matter


I’m used to being

Colder, tired and bloody

I see the tarnish

Instead of the gold beneath

Choosing to believe in

The Darkness

And not see the Light


Things I hold precious

In my heart, are treasure

For me, meaningful

I protect those like a seething

Callous creature, full of

Venomous bite

Those things are not for display


And so time after time

I hold back


Death Maiden



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7 thoughts on “Tarnish

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  1. Mel, that spoke to my heart so much! You have no idea, been going thru alot and it was like u knew!! Hahaha! Thank you for sharing sis! It was beautiful and truth for me!! Xoxo

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