READ OR BLEED FOLKS. Delve into the Darkness and delight in the fear

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Its a night like any other. Cold, & dark as pitch. I am driving home from a night away, and get a text from Mom. “Are you home yet?” “No, in about 10 minutes. Why? Where are you?” I assumed she wasn’t home, since she didn’t know I wasn’t. “Oh. I’m home” Then why….”Ok. What’s wrong?” I ask her. Now normally I don’t text and drive, but something seemed off about this conversation, so I continued. “Well, nothing I guess. I just thought you were home, because I heard someone go upstairs. And I heard your door close. And since Austin is at his dads, I thought it was you.” “No, but almost there.” I reply. This left me wondering, who was in my house? With my mom? Going upstairs, to MY room?

I had just left the big bright city, and driven out into the dark country night, which…

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