Chasing Dreams

What dream are you chasing?


A wide open field

Wild flowers dotting the green

Sky so blue it rivals paradise

It goes on forever

In the distance

Mountain, craggy peaks

Tipped in snow

Butterflies flutter

Bouncing off each other

In mindless glee

Wings iridescent

Gleaming in the sun’s rays


What dream is chasing you?


A darkest shadow infested and boil

Pitch black sky looms

It is never ending

In the distance

Seven hooded figures stand

Round the skulls candle glow

Lusas naturae snigger

Invidious, insidious

Snarling in malicious glee

As the night closes in


Death Maiden


6 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams

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  1. Seems like I am forever chasing the dream of truly being loved and understood. Perhaps one day this dream will come true. xo

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