There is much silence

Loud, screaming silence

With no voice to rend it

To disrupt the smooth chaos

It’s too loud, too quiet

I guess I’m crazy

With all this space to speak

With no one to hear

Alone with the voices

of my mind

The fermented juices

Of bottled thoughts

Thick and viscous in my throat

Numbing as poison

As it courses though

The bloodstream, blackening

Desiccating veins, a killing frost


I cry, burning hateful tears

Humanities disguise shining through

Malevolent mask melts away

Left naked and raw

The soft underbelly of Ice exposed

Vulnerable to the slightest word

A fingers touch splitting open

as a razors edge

Just more silence

No touch of the eye

Kiss of the mind

Alien world blossoming

In midst of my own


Expire respire

Keep breathing

Stay strong

Lonely is not forever


Death Maiden


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