I Made You Sing

The moment I met your regard

The lightest caress

Passed over my skin

I knew that this was real


Not just the clever disguise

Of infatuation or Lust

The mask of obscurity

It was instant,

Fully consumed

Set afire screaming joy


You were lost

I was found

Lost in the darkness


Shunned by the light

Your blood was cold

My heart was colder

Souls desiccated

Scraped hollow


And yet, yet

You reached out

Your Light to mine

My Darkness to yours

Eye to eye

Mind to mind

Hand to hand

And I made you sing,

In your silent life

When screams were the only sound

I made you sing

Death Maiden



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9 thoughts on “I Made You Sing

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  1. That was beautiful sis!! It made my heart sing!! Whoever inspired you to write this I say thank you!! Just beautiful! Xoxo

  2. That was Beautiful Kindred. See I love your light too. It’s Squishy and brings more lovely work. Light has Love and it is a wonderful thing. It also helps us maintain balance.

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