Bedtime Story



The Ogres chains chime

Roaring the coming

Of The King


Creatures gather

Smelling blood

Not yet spilled

In honour


Oh but he his melevolant

Cruel to the quick

His cape, it rattles

It screams and moans

Bones of the Lost

His treasure


From his neck it grows

The head of a beast

Great horns, twisted they rise

A slithering smile

Both heinous and charming

Turn up his blackened lips


With a wave of his hand

Brought forth before him

A beauty cunning and sweet

Pure as fallen snow

Tresses of silk

Body a-tremble

Her hair falls forward

Obscuring her face and her tears


The Creatures they laugh

Amusement is theirs

How they dance

The chortle and giggle

The Great Hall rings with lunacy

The Beast, The King

Stands back to servey

With Darkest delight

The glee of the monsters at hand


Pernicious intents restrained

Nail dazzling with fire

He lifts her eyes to meet His

Her eyes they meet

Stare deeply as his

A curve of her lips

Shows no fear


He nods his approval

A slice of His claw

With it He draws

Intricate runes in crimson

Marked now she is

Claimed as his own


The Bride of the Beast

Stands torn asunder

She slinks at his side

A most vicious companion

For crowned She now is

The Defrightful Queen of Hell


Death Maiden



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In Darkness & Fire

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