See the Deaths Head Moths Take flight, take wing To settle upon every Shadow Every small light Each meager illumination Feeding the blackness Touching each Darkness Their wings flutter the dust Of spoiled dreams Of daydreams and desires Of love, of rage It boils the blood Begins the beguin A kiss that cleaves Love that... Continue Reading →


Suggested  Accompaniment Sometimes a piece of music, a few notes or the symphony in its entirety speaks to you. Touches something deep in side that is forgotten in our everyday lives. I'm a crow when it comes to my musical tastes, from thrash metal to 50's classics and every genre in between, I listen... Continue Reading →

I could kill him Right now I should I want to His life is a pathetic waste Counts for nothing If he had worth A reason to draw air I'd reconsider But he doesn't Never has Claim to infamy? None Purpose to others? None A walking meat sack Who thinks not at all Save the... Continue Reading →

“There are some fish that cannot be caught. It’s not that they are bigger or stronger than other fish, they are just touched with something extra.” What does Heaven look like to you? Do you believe? For me, it is summed up in a gorgeous movie, brought to us by the normally dark and enchanting... Continue Reading →

It pours from the sky The rain of seconds Minutes, hours Like gold dust in Our outstretched palms Precious jewels There is always time Though not forever It slips through our fingers As we desperately grasp At the ages, to hold close Intangible time From the moment we are born Screaming and bloody Into cruel... Continue Reading →

I bleed and scream like any other I speak only words upon the page The ink from my quill is My one and only voice Bold and brash Snarling desire Or waxing poetic Upon my beloved ones In my physical world I shake the tree Rock the boat Shriek my opinion Whether wanted or not... Continue Reading →

If you only knew The thousands of days That see me older Harder and colder A poor facsimile of humanity Barely human at all If you only knew How often I count the words That came out wrong Each little barb that stung Each cut of the tongue Every word designed to injure If you... Continue Reading →

In League With Santa

Join us on a Christmas Journey with the incomparable C William Giles

In Darkness & Fire

Welcome dark readers to my page, the piece that I post today was written for a Christmas special by the Grue Family (followers & contributors of Rivers of Grue). Individually we were asked to complete a Xmas story for the Keeper of The Quill as a present for him and we had a great response to the invitation. The premise was that we were all out the night before Xmas, a secret Santa had been performed so we each had to get a gift for another member of the family, naturally knowing the individuals involved the story would revolve around horror & darkness yet still have a Xmas theme. Really it was a bit of fun with horror & darkness thrown in to the mix, everyone did a great job on their own parts meaning that in total the piece clocked in at over 80,000 words!! There were short stories…

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Darker night Blacker shadows The mists rise from below Bodies mouldering In their graves Final sleep disturbed Grasp the wings Hold them tight Rip them out and throw What good are wings When you cannot fly The air exists for nothing It laughs as you suffer Broken and bleeding Mired in the spoiled dreams No... Continue Reading →

Searching here Searching there Under rocks Under chairs In the drawer In the honey pot Looked down the Well Looked in the Box Opened the Chest Opened the Jar Still not thereBeneath the stairs There are people down there Beneath the trap door There are monsters in there In the shadows Only darkness there I... Continue Reading →


Pining Love. Read or Bleed

Duchess's Requiem

I opened my eyes and saw you.

Nothing else, just you.

Again. Always.

Without change,

without end,

without reason.

I closed my eyes.


I drifted.

Heard nothing.

Felt nothing.

Saw nothing.

But I felt you,

your presence,


I slept.



Warmth on my face.

I try to burrow back

into my dreams.

Where you are.




I can’t stand it anymore.

The world is gray,


without life,

without love.


Without you.


So many pills.

I take them, all of them.

I lay upon my bed.

I close my eyes.

I feel nothing,

weak, tired,


without you.


I open my eyes.




Crimson Duchess

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I hold you in my hands Warming your flesh Within my palms Desiring the taste Of your skin on my lips The honeyed essence within Beginning to flow I feel the coldness seep Though your thin Rosy sheathing Replaced by the warmth Of your nectar How l long to plunge My teeth into your taut... Continue Reading →

In the forest of impaled saints Where the winds scream regret A mist deepens and throbs It is here in these malignant shadows The mask the veil wears To hide the most nefarious deeds Parts as a curtain Exposing the last station For those that ride the Endless Train of the Faithless The Butchers of... Continue Reading →

Through the shadows Through the gates Into the Place where Spectral flowers bloom Gristly garden blossoms Icy tombstones sentinel stand Their faces speckled with Crimson   Vision iniquitous, the air it ripples The sight your mind denies Such hollow sucking fear Mirror of the mind shatters as it Stares with dead pool eyes This malignant... Continue Reading →

Words What were those words? They seeped into my brain Slithered round the boxes Bottles of ideas that Line the shelves Knocking them flying Ideas grow wings and Fly away There they go Playing Can’t Catch Me Darting just out of reach Of My Monster Who Roars with frustration At such a missed treat My... Continue Reading →

I see it how you do   Time and time again I hold back Wall in what I feel For fear of reprisals What if I said that I was Lonely? What if I just don’t want Let you down? What if I told you I was Afraid to cry? It does not matter  ... Continue Reading →


READ OR BLEED FOLKS. Delve into the Darkness and delight in the fear

toksister's Blog


Its a night like any other. Cold, & dark as pitch. I am driving home from a night away, and get a text from Mom. “Are you home yet?” “No, in about 10 minutes. Why? Where are you?” I assumed she wasn’t home, since she didn’t know I wasn’t. “Oh. I’m home” Then why….”Ok. What’s wrong?” I ask her. Now normally I don’t text and drive, but something seemed off about this conversation, so I continued. “Well, nothing I guess. I just thought you were home, because I heard someone go upstairs. And I heard your door close. And since Austin is at his dads, I thought it was you.” “No, but almost there.” I reply. This left me wondering, who was in my house? With my mom? Going upstairs, to MY room?

I had just left the big bright city, and driven out into the dark country night, which…

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There is much silence Loud, screaming silence With no voice to rend it To disrupt the smooth chaos It’s too loud, too quiet I guess I’m crazy With all this space to speak With no one to hear Alone with the voices of my mind The fermented juices Of bottled thoughts Thick and viscous in... Continue Reading →

What dream are you chasing?   A wide open field Wild flowers dotting the green Sky so blue it rivals paradise It goes on forever In the distance Mountain, craggy peaks Tipped in snow Butterflies flutter Bouncing off each other In mindless glee Wings iridescent Gleaming in the sun’s rays What dream is chasing you?... Continue Reading →

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