I see it your way

I see what you say

Your words resonate

But they are untruths


I do feel

Withdrawn by choice

Coldness through necessity

It calms my Monster

Keeps her reticent

Near hibernation

Wintery steam in the air

No banging on the bars

Screaming and scratching


Your words

They are the igniter

A flash in the freeze

Sparking a lighter

Stirring rage with a stick

Stirring my Monster

Chattering skulls

Speaking in their bony language

Sway in the sudden breeze






She rattles and shrieks

Hanging on the bars

Howling rage

Swiping at the air

Drooling for purchase

Just one claw

Dug into your face

Pulling you into

Her lethal embrace

Masticating flesh

Digging your eyes out

With one fang sharp nail

Rip limb from limb

Ah She would shriek joyously

A child at play

Wearing a toothsome grin

Of lunacy and delight

As she ends your light


Death Maiden




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