The Little Things

Little pills

Little spills

Sit and stare

At the bottle


Little taste

Little waste

Guzzle it down

Feel it burn


Little ideas

Little thoughts

Big choices

Just stop


Little voices

Little screams

Small reminders

Of what could be


Little feelings

Little heart

Small losses

Where to start?


Little love

Little need

Small wants

Not necessary


Little cuts

Little bleeds

Tiny droplets

Don’t hurt much


Little tears

Little pain

Small withdrawal

It means nothing


Little secrets

Little lies

Small regret

It is what it is


Little smiles

Little grin

Small shards

Cleave within


Little sigh

Little pang

Small sacrifice

Too much to gain


Little pieces

Little parts

Small bloodletting

Rage turns in


Little words

Little thoughts

Little everything

God its dark


Death Maiden


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In Darkness & Fire

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