Listen up

Hear me well

Can you see well enough?

Let us begin


See this?

It’s a heart

Not a fluffy

Warm and fuzzy

Perfectly shaped

Picture perfect




It’s black

It’s dark

And it bleeds tar

Desiccated and desecrated

Deeper shadows than predawn

It bleeds for you


Come, take a look

Watch as I dig my claws in

And tear open the flesh

Shred tissue and muscle

Wrench open the ribcage


See it?

That small, barely beating

Nearly dead bit of nothing?

Go ahead, reach in

Don’t mind the blood

It won’t hurt a bit



It will eat you

Incinerate your bonesack

Poison your lifewater

Drive you stark raving mad

Screaming and steaming

In the streets naked

Scraping at your own mind

To kill the heinous visions

You see behind your eyes


Take it.

It’s yours, I don’t need it

It’s barely been used

Perhaps in your hands

It will grow

Become real

A Heart


Death Maiden




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In Darkness & Fire  http://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/62566380/

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