Stalking Prey

Nothing around but the sound

Of your heart and my Scythe

You make every sound in silence

In this time, this second


Keep breathing,

The night closes in

The steam your essence bleeds

Clouds the air, gasping heaves


You sense me,

Body stiffened and trembling

Heart beats, stops, crackling leaves

Heart beats, stops, whisper

Heart beats, stops, stops,


Closer now, closer still

Shadows lengthen and deepen

Slithering and skulking


Heart beats






Breathe, exhale,

Deer in the meadow

Slink in the murk

Tall grass rustles

Whickering echoes


Heart beats, stops, inhale

Full stop


Scythe purrs as she slices

Gentle lines in crimson finery

Drawing blood poppies on your

Bone covering

You bleed your pain

As a song to my ears


You turn to me now

Your eyes weep your heart

Your heart beats

Gallops and steams


The susurrus of Scythe

In the air, Her beautiful blade

Cleaving the shadows

Tearing asunder


Your eyes widen

Shock, mouth open

Eternal surprise

Geyser of blood

Your body crumbles

I am Fed


Death Maiden


2 thoughts on “Stalking Prey

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  1. She does have a ferocious appetite. I have it on good authority this was a mere appetizer before the main course. BRAVO once again Kindred.
    Always look forward to your Lavish works of art.

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