The River

I went to the River to prey

To prey and study the land

To slink through the low lights

Slither closer

To the River

To prey


The Leader calls the sinners

Calls them forth to be

Washed from the light

To be washed in the River

They sing in the twilight

Calling to brothers and sisters

Lugubrious tones

To come from the light

Come sinners they call


I come

To the River to prey

The Leader wears red

His cloak stunning offensive

Floating on the River

Where he has come to prey

To bring them from the light

Into the Darkness

One by one

The sinners to Darkness

Come to the River

To be washed from the light


In death reborn to

Darkness’ clutches

They are washed from the light

They float down River, down

Ghastly bouquets as they float

Through the doorless arches

That stands over the River

Where I came to prey


The corpses breathe

Splutter to life

As they pass the archway

That stands over the River

Where I came to prey


From Life to Death

To live once more

Reborn in the River

Where I no longer prey


Death Maiden


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6 thoughts on “The River

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  1. Loved it sis! In the river where my brothers and sisters is where I want to be!! Absolutely beautiful! Love u Muwah! Xo

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