Some Simple Treasure

I speak not but truth

Cry Stand True

To your ears

Always at arms

To stand alone

In the dark

With only my thoughts

Echoing in the

Halls of the Dead

Hearing the silent screams

Whispering like phantoms

Fool more me to believe

There was more

To be found here

Some simple treasure

A jewel laying amongst

The Bones of the Lost


Souls flutter past

Their shrouds unravelling

Brushing against my face

Skittering against my defences

They won’t let me go

I’m trapped in their lunacy

In their screaming place

The glint of my Darkness

Draws them ever closer

Like moths to the

Candles flame


No amount of brutality

Can dispel the gloom

The claws of doom

As it drags me deeper

Into its miasma

I go willingly, no fight

Uttering nary a word

I sit and wait

On the bench of the Dead


Death Maiden


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