Voyeurs delight

You keep touching me

Your icy breath in my ear

Softest touches of pure frost

I hear you

It makes me shiver

Like playing a broken

Xylophone up my spine

Caressing my mind

I feel you there

Slithering around the crevices


An embrace, a picture

An old time movie behind my eyes

Of blood and bone

An axe fall of carnage

Breathless brutality

Makes me tremble

In terror and lust

Scream in silence

You’ve stolen my voice

There is only yours

Only your touch

Forceful and terrorizing

Bidding me watch

Drink it with my eyes

Voyeurs delight

Devour it, It demands it

Unspeakable horror

Cruelty without remorse

Bloody chocolate to my soul

I am ravenous, starving


There is only

Your lying whispers

Sandpaper tones

Abrading my skin

Roughness against tender flesh

A demented wave

You leave me with

Mind pictures

A softest kiss

A gift

Death Maiden


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