I don’t want to fall in love

It hurts and it hurts good

It digs its blade in deep

Twisting as it overtakes

O Dark Cupid

Get the fuck away from me

With your poison tipped arrows

I don’t want your crack

I want your crack


But I’ll make it hard for you

Can’t be gotten easily

I’ve learned something

There was once a time

When I would give myself freely

No fears of loss or injury

Not now, not anymore

You want to shoot me up?

Come get me, I will fight you

Arrows against Scythe

You won’t win, She Screams


I’ll rip your feathers out

Make your black blood flow

Stick you with your venomous arrows

Make you scream with the torture

That your evil love potion causes

Beg for freedom

As I laugh in your face

And peel the flesh from your skull

Obliterate your eyes

Rip them from their sockets

And tear out your lying tongue

Ram that elation drugged horror stick

Down your gullet


I don’t want to fall in love

Death Maiden


6 thoughts on “Crack

Add yours

  1. Remind me not to fall in love with you Mel!! *giggles* oh 2 late I already am! Booyah!! Loved it sis!! Truly love is brutal so lets use scythe to bring it under heel!
    DM #Rules xoxoxo

  2. Damn Cupid , you should know better than mess with Death Maiden’s Mom whatever you do, don’t let there be chair nearby …😈

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