This is how you remind me

How you show me

So go ahead

Feed my monster

Make her scream

Shake and scream

At the doors of her cage

She swipes the air

Cutting it in pieces

Drooling for one swipe

Just one chance to


To dig her claws into your skull

Savage, ravage your face

Shriek your horror

As she snatches your tongue

In her teeth shredding it

Drill holes in your chest

With her teeth and talons

Shatter your body

Fill your heart with her venom

Where it eats like acid

Just one moment

To catch you unawares

To bite deep, flay, rip

Break your bones

Snap them, suck the marrow

Growl her pleasure

Howling her prize won

Just a little closer

Go ahead, creep closer

You are in her sights now

She is drooling with anticipation

To inhale your eyes

Into her gullet from

The tips of her

Grue-sodden fingertips

I will watch with delight

As she devours you

Leaving your bones

As a warning to others

Who dare


Death Maiden


8 thoughts on “Rage

Add yours

    1. She sees I’ve come too close now, pacing before her brittle cage. Sensing my divine sight, nails ready to claw out eyes in rage. I’m reaching past the darkness, grasping a fine burgundy mist. Not knowing eminent danger lurks, w/the haunting melody of her scythe…
      Righteous piece sister!! It screams to me!

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