Lunatic’s Lament

In the hallways

Of your mind

It sparkles and darkles

Dancing mindlessly

A lunatic shuffle

Graceful in its indignity

A shrieking maw

Swooping in for its meal

As you scream, scream

Broken voices

Broken spirits

Its breath fetid

The stink of 10 000 years

Of carrion and alkali

The nurses know

They can’t say

Mouths sewn shut

Lest the secret escape

Find a corner

Hide your eyes

Scream, scream

Climb the walls

Slither slink

Houses of the Dead

Den of demons

Squeal the gurney wheels

Pleasure evil

Sickening sickle

Doctor smiles

Angel of mercy

There is no Mercy

Beg for Death

Prey for Death

Bang your head

This place is Darkness

Iron box cracked

Death Maiden


9 thoughts on “Lunatic’s Lament

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  1. Oh Mel, this is freakin awesome! I love how your mind works but I think I said that before! Hahaha! Brilliance sis! Xoxo

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