The End of an Era; Raven and Leo’s final hunt

The End of a Era: Raven and Leo’s Final Hunt
A brilliant Journey

Madness Addict Brings You

With one phrase and one bite my life was changed forever.  There have been many years pass since that night but I remember.  I remember the pain.  Excruciating but blissful.  I felt my body die, then be reborn.  Everything looked brand new, like I’d never looked through my own eyes before.

We had over a century together, Leo (Leonardo to all but me) and I.  We sailed the world.  Stopping at ports along the way.  We had our stalking down to a science.  Our first night in we would go out as a couple.  We stuck to the shadows, hiding and watching.  Leo would use his gift to hear the thoughts of the local people.  We always found ourselves in exactly the right places.  Places where inhibitions were low.  We would return to his ship to formulate our plan for the second night.

Sometimes we would just feed, others we…

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