Are You There?

Are you there? Goddess I hope so

Duchess's Requiem

I can hear you, you know. Hovering just out of sight. Trying so very hard to be quiet, unseen, hidden. I know you watch me, that you listen to every word I say, that you breathe the very air I exhale. What I don’t know is why, or who you are? You’ve always been there, always, as far back as I can remember you always have been. Do you come out when I sleep? Are you there?

The doctors told me you’re not real. That it’s my imagination. That’s what I get for telling anyone about you. This room is…. uncomfortable. Stupid people, I was in bed, asleep. I had written in my diary before bed, about that awful man. But it’s not as if I’m the one that killed him! As if I could do something like that! They gave me a shot, for my own safety….Are you there?

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