So quiet
The voices in my mind
Have fallen silent finally

I can hear the train
As it clicks along the tracks
Far from my home

The deer traipsing
Through the frozen land
Give pause at my presence
Stopping to stare
Before dipping their heads
To nibble at the grass peeking
Through the crusted snow

Stars above twinkle
Bright as diamonds
A nocturnal serenade
As the moon dances
In the velvet sky
Around me the trees creak
A skeletal percussive rattle
The wind caressing their limbs
As a lover in thrall
Snowy branches

I am a tiny speck of humanity
Insignificant in the splendour
That is the universe
Around me, tonightA time to reflect
Muse upon the
Meaning of Life
Breathe deeply and die
A minuscule death
A tiny shard less than before

It’s just so quiet


Death Maiden




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