Maleficent Angel



She dances in the dusk

Dressed in her finest

Blanc couture

A maleficent angel

With bloodstained cheeks

Softest skin stained

With crimson tears

Her poisonous touch

Freezes and kills

Each fingertip Death

Dressed in flesh

A drop of beautiful venom

She sees me now

Eyes wide and bloody

A soft smile upon her lips

I am afraid now

Heart racing and palms wet

Helpless to stay

Reluctant to leave


Slowly, achingly slow

She drifts my way

Her wake traced in devastation


All kneel before her

In devotion and fear

I no different, as I sink

Powerless in her regard

She is pure winter

Ghastly in her pulchritude

A pure evil in comely flesh

I reach for her

In defence, in desire

Desperate for her touch

Terror in my heart

With a fingertip caked in gore

She touches my outstretched hand

Oh bliss, oh terror


Gelidity instantaneous

I watch in horror as

My skin cracks and shatters

Shards of me to the ground

Fall and shatter at her feet

I open my mouth to beg

As she changes

All bone and blood

Harbinger of Hell

O Death

Death Maiden



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