Since Time Immortal

Since time immortal

Beasts have roamed

Savaging and salivating

Feeding in unison

They are better hidden now

Dressed in their finest

Hiding in plain sight


They stalk, they creep

Moving shadows at

The edge of the abyss

Awaiting their chance

To bite, claw

Tearing at the clothes

We wear on our faces


Daring us to bite back

To fight, as their venom

Soaks our survival instincts

Our will to exist


But I, my friends will fight

I will peel the flesh from

The bones of humanity

I, my prey, am the

Ultimate Monster


I will grind your bones

Snapping and gnawing

Legion of Life

Til your carapace cracks


I will send you shrieking

Careening over the edge

Bloodied and broken

Welcoming your doom


The lugubrious tones

The roaring terror

Tis my lullaby

To the world


Death Maiden



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