Delightful erotic poetry by Brother C William Giles. Drool

In Darkness & Fire

Peach by C. William Giles


My eyes grow accustomed to the dim of the room
lying here by the side of my bare fallen angel,
I reach out, touching the smoothness of her torso
her body rocks at my lightest of strokes.
My fingers trace patterns soft on her skin
I stoop to kiss her intoxicating lips
our tongues collide as they explore.

I pull back a little, her body seems to illuminate the room
her skin so pale it almost glows as she pulsates.
I reach for my glass, by the side of the bed
a knowing smile creases her lips.
Savouring the moment I kiss her again,
expectation floods her senses and mine
“Yes………….. do it” she gasps.

Wine pours down over her fine porcelain breasts,
red rivers course over her supple body.
She arches her back at the chill liquid motion
and the wine flows faster…

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