My Old Flame

You will never see Death the same way again. Meet my Sisters Old Flame

Words From The Underground

dead soul 3

I had never felt more lost…alone & broken

the love I wanted, needed, so badly

had been ripped from my grasp once again

my eyes cloud over, filled with tears

Days go by…I am fine in the light

but the night is different

I have always loved the darkness

but now, alone with my thoughts

I can only think about what I have lost

and feel the madness begin to take over

I close my eyes trying to escape the pain

and as I begin to drift away

I hear a familiar voice beckoning

It is an odd, scratchy sound

and I see him there in the corner

hand stretched out to greet me

grim reaper 7

and as I look into his eyes

I am no longer afraid

We knew each other long ago

loved each other deeply

but I was young & not ready

for the commitment he required

Older &…

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